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BOYTOY - Grackle LP PCM021

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BOYTOY emerged in 2014 with a ferocious live show, and a self-titled debut that caught the attention of fans and critics from outlets such as Noisey, Stereogum, SPIN, The Village Voice, Time Out New York, NYLON, and Rolling Stone. The band headed into the studio in Philadelphia this spring with producer Al Creedon (Eternal Summers/Bleeding Rainbow) to record, resulting in 11 tracks of no nonsense, rock n’ roll bangers, with three-part vocal harmonies, and melodic hooks galore.

Grackle was chosen as the album’s name, first as a nod to SXSW, as the bird nearly out numbers music fans and industry during the annual Austin, Texas conference, and secondly based on the Mexican folklore of the bird, called Zanate in Spanish. Having no voice of its own, the grackle stole its seven distinct songs from the wise and knowing sea turtle. You can hear the Zanate's vocals as the Seven Passions (Love, Hate, Fear, Courage, Joy, Sadness, and Anger) of life.

Track Listing

  1. Postal
  2. Pulp
  3. Building An Empire
  4. Your Girl
  5. Shape Up
  6. Poison Breeder
  7. Wild One
  8. Owe Somebody
  9. Sailor Jerry
  10. To The Line
  11. Can't Get It

Pressing Information

400 black vinyl
100 red vinyl