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Drug Couple ~ 'Stoned Weekend' PCM072

Featuring the singles “Linda’s Tripp”, “Our December” and “Lemon Trees”, ‘Stoned Weekend’ the debut album by Drug Couple was released earlier this year via the PaperCup Music label.
Receiving rave reviews from the press upon its digital release, the record was praised by Record Collector as “lovely and lazy pop rock”(⅘), whereas Pop Matters praised it as “a wondrous listener experience”. A record where the Couple’s winning traits also shone through, the Quietus praised the duo’s “ability to pen wistful ditties with pretty melodies….The not-quite-lo-fi production gives everything a suitably warm and, yes, hash-like glow”, whereas The Daily Express called them “so laid back as to be horizontal” (⅘).
Drug Couple is Miles and Becca Robinson. They used to be a “Brooklyn band”, until they moved to the Vermont countryside. They got married, grow marijuana, like country and American indie rock, and don’t particularly miss the city.
They left NYC on Friday 13th March, 2020 for a wedding planning weekend in the sticks. Two weeks later they found themselves unemployed, in the middle of the woods, with a whole lot of time on their hands. In a two-hundred-year-old barn set amongst the rolling pastures of the grounds they now called home, they built a studio and named it “Freelandia”. It’s there that they laid down their debut LP: ‘Stoned Weekend’.
The record was written and performed by the couple themselves, Miles (on vocals, guitar, bass, harmonica, and keys) and Becca (on vocals, bass, guitar, and harmonica); with additional contributions from Pastor Greg Faison (drums), Danny Meyer (saxophone and piano) and Travis Rosenberg (pedal steel). It was self-produced by Miles Robinson. Released on vinyl on 3 September, the album is available to stream online now here:

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Limited Edition 12" Vinyl